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Services Offered

Pharmaceutical Packaging and labelling Solutions

Pharmaceutical packaging is an essential arm of your supply chain.  Countries, regions and localised distribution requires more than a simple ‘tell and do supplier’ can achieve. Today the experiences and abilities of SVUS are leveraged to meet each of your products distribution and supply chain needs.

This is a complex partnership and requires flawless execution.  SVUS has a proven history in such aligned partnerships and is structured to provide the reliability required to meet the demands of both global and regional pharmaceutical companies, selling their products in ways that suit portfolios of many different individual product lines.
SVUS supports small and large pharma companies with their tablets, capsules and injectable projects. Either for market access, product launch or continued supply chain distribution.
Our customers trust us to be an extension of their own operations for large and small batch runs.  Offering packaging and labelling solutions either for a complete portfolio segment, as extra ‘bolt on’ capacity or a full process partner.

Our turnkey packaging and labelling solutions include:  

  • Primary and secondary packaging for both solid and semi solid tablets and capsules.
  • Secondary packaging for liquid solutions in Vials, Tus or Bottles
  • Repackaging of pre-packaged products
  • Cartons and Carton insertion
  • Thermoform blisters
  • Blister packaging
  • Labelling solutions
  • Qualified Person Services
  • Sourcing and purchasing components,
  • Package and Form Tooling design,
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Analytical services
  • EU Distribution
  • Warehousing and Cold Storage
  • Returns and destruction
  • Clinical Trial packaging solutions
  • Vial labelling and capping
  • Vial Sleeving
  • Bottle and tub Labeling
  • Counting and filling / oral dosage

  Our technology

  • Anti tampering,
  • Child proof bottles
  • Serialization
  • Track and trace
  • Secure data exchange
  • Carton embossing and over printing
Please feel free to talk with us so you understand if we can support and help solve your future packaging projects.  
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